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  • Νέστου 10, Λάρισα
    Nestou 10, Larissa, Greece
    +30 2410-286-834

The company has been active in the construction business since 1999.
Based on our many years of experience, the high level of professionalism as well as our excellent customer relations, we aim all these years at the quality superiority of  our products and at the satisfaction of our clients. Our gallery  has energy frames  from German composite frames      PVC KOMMERLING.
Our products are certified according  to European standards and completely cover all the demands regarding high quality and design.
Our company undertakes the complete or partial replacement of your old windows with new, meeting the needs of the modern era.                         .
Upgrade aesthetically and energetically your space with the safest and most economical way, ensuring a better quality of living.              

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